How Steam is scamming gamers

The Shocking Truth About Unfair Steam Prices

Get up to 60% of your Steam purchases refunded

Steam owes you money

Are you tired of paying full price for a game on Steam, only to see it on sale a few days later? Do you feel like you're being ripped off because of where you live? Well, it's time to take action! Join the mass lawsuit against Steam's unfair pricing practices and get some justice in your bank account.

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Steam Prices Regionally

Forced to pay more?

For years, the gaming community has been facing an issue that has affected their wallets and overall gaming experience - unfair pricing on Steam. The frustration of paying full price for a game only to see it go on sale a few days later, or having to pay more for a game in our region compared to others, is not uncommon. The issue is not only limited to Steam but is present in the gaming industry as a whole. It's a significant concern, and it's not right.

Gamers unite together

To combat this issue, a website has been launched where gamers can join a mass lawsuit against Steam for their unfair pricing practices. The website aims to provide gamers with a chance to fight back against these unjust practices, and it also provides an opportunity to potentially receive up to 60% of their purchases made on Steam in the last 4 years.

This mass lawsuit is a chance for the gaming community to stand up against these unfair practices and show Steam that gamers will not stand for it anymore. The more people that join the lawsuit, the stronger our case will be. The website makes it easy for users to sign up, and all they need to do is provide some basic information. The sign-up process takes only a few minutes to complete.


Latest Lawsuit Information

Safety Concerns

The website has taken necessary precautions to ensure the safety and security of its users. All sensitive information is kept private and protected, and signing up will not harm your Steam account in any way. Users may be hesitant to sign up, fearing the safety of their personal information and account, but the website has assured its users that it takes the privacy and security of its users seriously. Some community members have raised concerns about the possibility of their Steam accounts being deleted, but it has been confirmed to be legally prohibited for Steam to take such actions and will not happen to any case participants.

🇺🇸 Taking action

It is important to note that this particular attorney firm is accepting sign-ups from USA residents only. However, it is still a significant step forward for the gaming community, and it sets a precedent for the industry to move towards fairer pricing practices. By joining this lawsuit, gamers can not only claim their rightful compensation, but they can also make a real impact on the gaming industry. The issue of unfair pricing practices is not limited to Steam, and it's an industry-wide issue that requires our attention. It's time for gamers to take back control and make a difference.

How to join the lawsuit?

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1. Provide the required information

2. Sign the retainer agreement

3. Wait for your refund

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